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Wish i was…

in Bella Italia

and could throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain in the fantastic city Rome, like I did in 2009.

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When I the other day made my list of countries I have travelled to it struck me, that apart from the countries I have lived in the past 10-15 years, the country I have visited most times is Italy. Not that it is a big surprise actually, because for me it is very hard to find anything bad about Italy.

The culture is fantastic, the ancient history and the architecture, the nature from high mountains to great beaches, the fantastic art and design, the amazing food and wine, the mediterranean climate and last but not least the people and their lifestyle. Simply La Dolce Vita in Bella Italia.

So even though I hope, that I within the next 10-15 years will reach the number of at least 50 different countries travelled, I promise I will always return to Italy again and again.

My latest visit to Italy was in august this year, where I visited my favourite Italian friend, Marina, in her home town, Limone sul Garda. A very picturesque town at the northern part of the beautiful Garda Lake.

What is your favourite country to travel to, and why?

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Creative visualization at yoga class taking me back to Tulum

Mexico 2012

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I started in a new yoga class yesterday. At the end of the class the instructor took me through some creative visualization. One of the places he wanted to take me, was to a beach at sunrise. To feel the cooling sand beneath my bare feet. To see the colours of the rising sun from the bed of the sea. To feel the warming sun rays on my skin. To hear the soothing sound of the waves in my ears. To be a place where I feel good.

For me, this visualization was no problem. I just imagined myself back to my stay at Amansala Eco Chic Resort in Tulum, Mexico.

Earlier this year, after a long winter, I had a strong need to escape Denmark for a while, so I counted my money and decided to treat myself to an Easter stay at a Bikini Bootcamp.



The Bikini Bootcamp is an adventurous fitness and yoga holiday. Everyday of the stay there is a varied program with exercising, yoga classes, excursions to nature and culture, relaxation and pampering, evening entertainment and this all topped up with healthy food and very good vibes. Further to this is Amansala Resort based directly on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is like a small village of rustic yet comfortable cabañas.


Every morning just before 7 o’clock, the group of women and men (yes, men can also join and they don’t have to wear bikini) participating in the boot camp was woken up by the sound of a gong. After stretching the sleep out of the body, we walked at least for one hour on the beach. The first 15 minutes in silence to fully take in all the sensational feelings also described above – the sun, ocean, waves, sand.

After a while it was free to talk and the instructor came up to me. She said that she felt she had to talk with me. We had a very good talk about me, her and life in general. Just before our walk finished, I told her that it was my birthday today and she wasn’t surprised because she sensed a very strong energy around me.

I was very honoured and I will never forget the beautiful morning walks at sunrise, this one in particular, on the beach of Tulum.

Feel free to share with me places on our beautiful earth to experience a beautiful sunrise – let’s do some creative visualization together 🙂

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My sky dive!

Jamaica 2009

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I heard on the news today that an experienced skydiver and extreme athlete is going to jump from the height of 36 km above the earth  – I wish him good luck!

So have I ever jumped from anything apart from down a chair at 12 o’clock on New Years Eve? Yes I have, and what a rush!!!

In the spring of 2009, I travelled around Jamaica. A travel that has influenced my life more than other of my travels, but that’s another story…

Just outside Negril on the western part of the island is the famous bar named Ricks Café. It has been situated here on the cliffs since 1974 and is a popular gathering for spotting a perfect sunset while listening to sweet reggae music and drinking the local beer Red Stripe.

And then there is another activity to participate in – cliff jumping into the ocean cove below the café. You can choose just to look at all the spectacular jumpers for hours, or go for the big leap into the air and very soon after splash into the water yourself.


Even though I’m not an experienced skydiver or extreme athlete, I jumped twice from the cliffs and would do it again – great experience!!!

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The Queen’s summer house on an autumn day.

Aarhus 2012

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Well, these days I’m a little low on money, so I decided to be adventurous in my home town. On a half sunny and half rainy autumn sunday I put on a pair of good walking boots and a warm jacket and brought nothing else but my iPhone in the pocket ready to shoot some photos.

The park around H.R.H. Queen Margrethe II summer house in Aarhus, Marselisborg Palace, is open to public when she or the royal family is not residing there. And that for FREE!!!


I very soon had a sense that this is nothing like a normal public park. It was all very personal and I felt honoured to be able to walk around in the Queens garden.

The park is full of fantastic sculptures, many of them being personal presents to the queen and others even created from her husband, H.R.H. Prince Henrik.


The park and garden is set up in different themes. Close to the palace is the kitchen and herb garden. Further down the back is a valley of fruit trees and behind this is a large rose garden (I must go and see next summer when the roses are in full bloom). Another corner of the park is a part of Marselisborg forest with huge trees.


In front of Marselisborg Palace park is Mindeparken, a public park open year round, with view over the bay and the harbour of Aarhus.

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Up and running – Circumnavigator then, now and forever!

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Dear All.

About 5 years ago I was standing in front of a statue of James Cook in Christchurch on New Zealand. I said to myself: “what a cool title to have – CIRCUMNAVIGATOR!!!”.

I might not have found new land like James Cook or travelled many months over sea to set feet on new shores. But I did do the big circle around our earth in 2006/2007 – my circumnavigation. Before and after that I have explored several places on our beautiful world. And hopefully I will still do that many years from now.

I will in this blog tell about past, present and future travel experiences – and you never know, maybe another circumnavigation.

To travel is to live, and life is also a travel, so between all the fantastic stories about adventurous experiences – local or global, I will season the blog with small stories about life in general.

I hope that you will enjoy and thanks for following.

Best regards,


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