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20. December 2012: For updates on this page please visit: http://www.circumnavigator.dk/about-circumnavigator/

Dear All.

About 5 years ago I was standing in front of a statue of James Cook in Christchurch, New Zealand. I thought to myself: “what a cool title to have – CIRCUMNAVIGATOR!!!”.

James Cook Circumnavigator

I might not have found new land like James Cook or travelled many months over sea in a boat to set feet on new shores. But I did do the big circle around the world in 2006/2007 – my circumnavigation. Before and after that I have explored several places on our beautiful planet. And hopefully I will still do that many years from now.

This blog is created to tell about past, present and future travel experiences – and you never know, possibly another circumnavigation. I hope to inspire and give useful tips and tricks for your next travel – local or global.

To travel is to live, and the life is also a travel, so between all the fantastic stories about adventurous experiences and travels, I will season the blog with small stories about my life in general.

I hope that you will enjoy and thanks for following here or on Facebook.

Best regards,


Circumnavigator Logo

Circumnavigator logo created in Photoshop

Please also see my post on the one months anniversary for Circumnavigator Blog. It explains further the reason for this blog.

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